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Our company WordGames400 is privately owned and small sized. We are located on the west side of United States of America. We sell products that usually need to be installed on people’s computers for final use. We provide some studying materials as a start, for a sample. The rest, the person usually has to figure out for oneself. Our tools of interest are the windows operating system. Windows OS can run all of our gaming software. The mission that we want to achieve is to make it more interesting to learn a language of choice. We try to target a market that is located on the internet, for a bigger reach. Many of our customers typically have access to computers. They want to use it for educational purposes. Our prices are affordable in many countries. What we have found is a time-efficient strategy for learning. It is based on coming back to the same word lists on a regular basis. After some time, the person learns what he needs to know. We seek to maintain an image of a nice company.

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