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These are our computer games that we have. There are 100 of them. They run on .NET 4.0 Microsoft Framework. If for some reason, it is missing in the future, download it from Microsoft website. The link to our games is here. Please enjoy while you can.

About Us

An about us description, usually says something about the company. Here we are just saying that the page is supposed to have an About Us description. So we put it here. Actually, we just wanted to show you the game. If you are interested in donating money, you can contact the author by Contact us page.

Last Projects

Some previous projects, we developed other games. You should probably contact the author, once again,

They were on .NET 2.0, and Access 2007 Database formats. And we also had some PowerPoints, and Java Programs.

This one, we just accumulated a collection of 100 games, that are free. The game are very good,

Actually we have a latest version of .NET 4.0 games. These, you don't have to install anything extra, right now.